Elkhorn Fox Trotter
Training Methods
Elkhorn Fox Trotter
    541 523-0933
We Train Outstanding Trail Horses
Raised on 100 acres 
 Step/Rocky Ground
Excellent Breeding Program
 Quiet-Sensible Mares
Smart Stallion 
 Strong, Natural Gaits
Foals Imprinted At Birth
Handled Often 
Learn to Love & Trust People
 Great Manners
Foals Extremely Easy Going 
Easy to Catch & Train
Extensive Training in Elkhorn Mountains
Cross Water or a Wooden Bridge 
Walk over Down Timber & rock outcrops
Desensitized to People Actives
Backpackers, ATV's, Tractors
Auto Traffic, Bikes, Ropes, Tarps & Dogs 
Perfect Horse for Entire Family
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